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With over 160,000+ readers in Lower Mainland and counting, Delivered at more than 1300 Locations.

Asian Journal

Asian Journal is a weekly English language newspaper covering both local South Asian & Canadian mainstream issues with incisive, well-balanced analysis. It also covers Chinese-Canadian / East Asian affairs.

  • Readers all over Lower Mainland and counting.
  • Fully responsive website, Mobile Apps.
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Punjabi Journal


Punjabi Journal is a weekly Punjabi language newspaper for the South Asian community that is recognized for its high standard coverage of news from Punjab and the rest of India as well as local South Asian & Canadian issues. We have a team of experienced professionals in Chandigarh (India) who provide us the reports. Punjabi Journal is an excellent source of effective advertising and a great method of getting your message out to the Punjabi community.

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Realty Classifieds

Realty Classifieds is a weekly Real Estate English language newspaper which caters to the South Asian population. It is also inserted into all publications published every week.

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Urdu Journal and Muslim Community Journal


Urdu Journal and Muslim Community Journal are bi-weekly Urdu & English language newspapers published for the Muslim community in the Lower Mainland. Urdu Journal covers news from Pakistan and local Muslim-Canadian issues. We have a team in Karachi (Pakistan) which provides us the reports.

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Hindi Journal

Hindi Journal is a monthly Hindi language newspaper which caters to the Hindi speaking segment of the South Asian population. It carries news from both back home, as well as from Canada.

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Aaarzu Magazine

A wish, a desire…which in Hindi is called Aaarzu; focuses on delivering experiences that will truly engage readers through thought-provoking topics.

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Surrey Board of Trade

The Surrey Board of Trade attracts business to Surrey and supports business in Surrey. We provide businesses and organizations with economic opportunity, workplace development and education, international trade, government advocacy and business connections. We believe that transportation and education are the two economic foundations of building our city.

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Surrey Business Directory

Hello Surrey! is a platform that connects clients with all the local businesses in Surrey. We also drive to bring the community together by ensuring the locals are kept up-to-date. Our prime focus is to create a platform for individuals living in Surrey to be more aware of what is happening in their own city. Hello Surrey! is a one shop stop that provides a local online directory for different businesses; a place where locals can buy or sell; news about Surrey; updates on new policies that get enforced and upcoming events.

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Auto Trends

We  understand that the Auto industry encompasses of myriad of micro segments that support each other and function as a whole. Auto Trends  is a step in direction to give businesses  involved in various segments of Automotive and Automobile Industry an exclusive media platform.This weekly Publication is your print media source to reach out to businesses and customers across the Lower Mainland.

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